Jacob Lachmann


VP of Sales at AOL Networks International

Jacob Lachmann is Vice President of Sales at AOL Networks International and has spend 16 years in the online media industry. Latest he has spend more than 4 years building the Nordic arm of the content distribution pioneering company Goviral who was successfully sold to online media giant AOL two years ago.

As CEO René Rechtmann puts it:

Under Lachmann’s leadership the Nordic organization has double the business every year and Lachmann’s results and experience made him the natural choice for the role as VP of Sales at AOL Networks International.

Lachmann is a specialist in online video and a big believer in brands and video as a social currency and cultural resource. He is working globally with brands like Hyundia, LG, Carlsberg and Volvo, and has in the past been a frequent speaker at Nordic industry events.

Lachmann was part of masterminding the greatest BtB video success in years. For the global launch of Volvo Trucks first new truck in 19 years a ground breaking BtB content distribution strategy was formed.

Based on the realization that social media has changed the fundamentals of BtB communication Volvo Trucks forever changed the communication of an entire industry, creating a new reference point for how to drive BtB communication in the social media age.

At Gulltaggen 2013 Lachmann will take us through the success case “Volvo Trucks: The Ballerina Stunt” giving insights and knowledge on how the global viral success story was created.



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