It all began in a kitchen in Gothenburg with a cover version of Swedish troubadour Evert Taube’s song “Pepita Dances”. Now, two years and more than half a million views on YouTube later, Solala is a strong, rising musical force in Sweden as well as internationally with tens of thousands of fans around the globe.

Solala_speler   Solala_brygge

With unique arrangements, dazzling harmonies and homemade percussion instruments they are quite alone in their genre; latin a cappella music. For their first own tour last fall, thousands of tickets were sold out in record time. Olle Bergel, Anders Gabrielson and Jens Lindvall will be preforming at the award show at Gulltaggen on the 9th of April. Order your ticket today, here.

Veronica Maggio medley – Solala

Fuck you – Solala