Møt Design-juryen for 2015

Juryleder: Endre Berentzen
Executive Creative Director hos ANTI

Originally set on becoming an Architect in the mid nineties Endre found that Communication Design allowed him to work wider in terms of the creative tasks – spanning from three-dimensional spaces to two-dimensional surfaces, from experiences to craft. Since then Endre has established himself at the very forefront of communication design moving from a “knowing and applying the rules” to a “breaking the rules and establishing new standards” context – the result of which can be found in winning both the Cannes Lions and Red Dot Grand Prix’s of Design in 2014


 Meld på ditt bidrag i dag!

Hva betyr Design for deg?

Design to me is the application of an holistic thinking to the development of the visual language of a brand. It is placed with one foot in history through design theory and one foot in the future with the possibilities of tomorrow’s technological advances. The magic happens when these two aspects are combined in a three sixty solution to the brands visual communication – establishing a visual design system that lives natively on all surfaces, spaces and platforms.

I do believe Design has the ability to work as an instigator to bring all fields within communication together – No more, no less. It holds the potential for providing a clear and identifiable framework for advertising – establishing universal brand recognition. It also holds the potential to give direction to the sort of activities the brand should be involved in – in a PR context, or influencing the physical space a brand should operate in – in an architectural context. The list goes on. If you go back to Leonardo Da Vincci’s time – design, with it’s base in mathematics – was the basis for all creative output.


Hva forventer du av årets påmeldte bidrag i din kategori?

With this being the first year – the year in which the category is being introduced – I do not expect that we will see all the good work that is being produced out there – work where technology is informing the visual design working back on itself informing the technology again. It takes time to establish new categories. I know there has been some amazing work done the last year and I hope the jury will get to see some of this work. I hope in addition – to the work we already know – we get to see some new pieces which surprises…

One trend that will effect the industry is the increased focus on engaging experiences that tell a brand story – traditionally tasks held by the advertising and PR agencies. An increased focus on an holistic approach to design in brand communication see design agencies moving in on these projects. Design today is no longer just living on a business card, in signage or on a website. The future of design will be consisting of projects where design move into the context of connected creative fields like art, advertising and PR. The task will be to connect the outcome of a profession that has traditionally lived on static surfaces to interactive platforms. Bringing interactivity into a “rules and regulations” oriented professional field.


Hva anser du som den viktigste trenden i din bransje i året som har gått?

It’s all about providing true value to the consumer. Services or communication where the brand engages on equal terms with the public based on their actual needs. Needs that are not solely related to service. Experiences, art projects and so on can also provide value. The days of “pushing brand communication” are over. We see that “pulling people in” is a much more sustainable approach.


Hvor går veien videre – hvilke utfordringer ser vi i dag og i tiden fremover?

The challenges today are often linked to reduced budgets combined with an increased focus on results. Efficiency can be found in clever use of new technologies. With a drastically increasing curve on technological development it is only a matter of time before – through implants – the tools around us becomes an extension of the mind. At the same time we see the emerging need to disconnect and get back to true quality in our interaction with the world and the people around us. Every action has a reaction and it will be truly interesting to see how these two aspects will form our future.


Hvilke forventninger har du til Gulltaggen 2015?

To see some great work and to have good and engaging conversations with peers. Hopefully we will have some heated debates around what this new category is all about that will help us shape it into a category for the future. It is a crafts category and of course that means that no matter what we end up judging the work has to be of the highest standard of design to be awarded. However great design can never live without great context. The context of this category should be based around the goal of the piece. After all it is called communication design – with emphasis on the word communication. We are not artists – although the work we produce might take the form of art. Our work has to have a purpose. A task it has to solve – a reason to live.

In my head – so far – it is the only competiton that is offering design a platform to compete through projects that have adapted to the technological world we live in today. Up until now many of the projects I hope we get to see in this competition has only been possible to enter into an open category in traditional design and advertising competitions. I think Gulltaggen is setting the standards in which others will soon follow.

I feel really privileged to be the first jury president in this newly established category within Gulltaggen and to be able to start the work of defining what this category can be in the future. I have some truly talented people in my jury and – together with the rest of the jury – I am really looking forward to attacking the task of choosing the best work of 2014.


Jurymedlemmer Design 2015

Endre Berentzen Executive Creative Director Anti Bergen
Karin Andenæs Lead Graphic Designer Creuna
Sofie Platou Brand Designer Snøhetta
Jørgen Winsnes Creative/Design Director Good Morning
Cathrine Donberg Head of Graphic Design Steria
Tone Bergan Creative Director Uniform
Sindre Fosse Rosness Kreatør LOS&CO
Bjørn Gunnar Staal Developer / Designer void
Arnar Halldorsson Graphic Designer SMFB

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