Speaker: Ben Williams // AdBlock Plus

Ben Williams, AdBlock Plus
Topic: Smarter Ads

Timeslot: April 28th – 14:00
Stage: Main stage

Session title: The New World of Ad Blockers

Session description: Ben Williams: Ads don’t have to be unacceptable. Adblock Plus has been downloaded 400m times — more than the population of the US — but little is known about its makeup or its goals. So the first thing I want to address is who we are, where our users are and where we want to go. Next, I’ll briefly talk about the state of online ads and where Adblock Plus fits into it. Finally, I want to explain our Acceptable Ads initiative — our attempt to find ads that even adblockers find acceptable.

Ben grew up in the small town of Morehead, which is in the southern US state of Kentucky. Before starting at Cologne-based Eyeo GmbH in July of 2013, he worked at the German Embassy in Washington, DC; prior to that he worked mainly in non-profit organizations.

Eyeo makes the world’s most popular browser extension, Adblock Plus, which has been downloaded over 350 million times and in late 2011 began its Acceptable Ads initiative to try and broker some semblance of a compromise in the often contentious relationship between marketers and adblockers. He has been instrumental in spreading that message to a larger audience since he began in 2013. Other than that, he collects records and cassettes (yes, really), writes, reads and says he runs and exercises. He lives in Bonn, Germany.

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