Speaker: Ellis Watson // DC Thomson


Ellis Watson, DC Thomson
Topic: Stop the Press!

Timeslot: April 29th – 10:00
Stage: Main Stage

Session title: Crying won’t help.

Session descreption: Hard work and a positive attitude will. Just do it! A crash course in how to adjust to the new reality of the media industry.

Workshop: April 29th – 12:00
Stage: INMA

Session title: Show me the money!

Session descreption: Where will publishers find their revenue in the future?

In presentations Ellis argues that a significant external shock like recession can be a springboard for positive change. He shows how to inspire passion when under pressure, and how to progress from mission statements to true company culture embracing quality, integrity and diversity.

Ellis’ first break came as Marketing Director at The Sun, reporting directly to Rupert Murdoch. He then became CEO of Celador International, licensing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? to 100 countries and overseeing 130 branded consumer products before being lured back to Fleet Street as MD of Mirror Group Newspapers.

After a spell with Menzies, Ellis next accepted an invitation to join the board of FirstGroup, the world’s biggest privately owned public transport operator. They parachuted him in to Ohio to address the ailing fortunes at Greyhound. Founded in 1914, it was a $3bn concern with 3,400 bus stations, 17,000 buses and 27,000 employees; but it was broken and losing share to internal airlines. Within 14 months Ellis had re-equipped the fleet, rejuvenated the brand and reinvented the culture (starting with mystery shoppers and training camps). Greyhound is now building a reputation for safety, reliability, comfort and above all service.

In his current role at DC Thomson, Ellis is steering a traditional firm that’s been family run for six generations into a future-proofed organisation. He’s shed a third of staff, increased turnover at the papers and moved The Beano, part of the fabric of the company, from print to digital.

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