Speaker: Andreas Thorsheim // Opera

Andreas Thorsheim, SVP Sales, Opera Software
Topic: Mobile

Timeslot: April 29th – 13:00
Stage: Webtraffic

Session title: Launching 100 million download products

Session description: Andreas Thorsheim will explain how Opera roadmaps, engineers, distributes and monetizes products destined to go beyond 100 million downloads. With more than 350 million users of its consumer products and a mobile advertising network reaching more than 800 million uniques worldwide, Opera Software is a player to be reckoned with in the mobile space. With an especially strong presence in emerging markets, Opera need to take into account a vary wide spectrum of consumer needs in order to cater to the full range of its users. This is an engaging tale of creating a product vision and marketing a tech product to millions of users all around the globe.

Andreas is SVP of Products at Opera Software, where he spearheads product management of the company’s consumer products, putting its ~300 software engineers to use for Opera’s millions of users. Prior to joining Opera, Andreas held various executive roles in Schibsted Media Group. He’s married to Marianne and is a father of two. Andreas is passionate about tech, renewables and media, and a prolific tweeter about these subjects. He holds a master’s degree in economy from NHH and a masters degree in international management from LSE.

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