Speaker: Nico Abbruzzese // Maxus

Nico Abbruzzese, Global Director of Creative Technology at Maxus
Topic: The Internet of Things

Timeslot: April 29th – 12:00
Stage: Main Stage

Session title: Megacities and Creative Technology: smarter media

Session description: The topic development is a rapid focus on why cities are a critical domains to look at – what is the role of a brand in cities to future-proof its business? How creative technology brings this alive. Examples of work and future scenario. How to create the right content to make it happen.

Nico has been an entrepreneur since his early 20s. Coming from a background in digital design since its early days, he’s been working with digital technology and creativity for over 15 years, accumulating a solid brand marketing, advertising and creative ideas portfolio.

From managing startup agencies and entrepreneurial projects to large global agency networks, he’s found in the space of creative technology the perfect combination of his passions and skills.

Problem solving from his consulting background, insatiable imagination from his creative roots, a knack for making ideas happen through technology and a solid entrepreneurial mindset from his experience.

Innovation fuels passionately my work, Nico says – Enabling business outcomes and real world value.

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