Speaker: Nigel Morris // Dentsu Aegis

Nigel Morris, CEO Dentsu Aegis Network Americas & EMEA
Topic: Embracing Disruptive Innovation

Timeslot: April 28th – 12:00
Stage: Main Stage

Session title: Start ups, turnarounds and robots trained as astronauts

Session description: In the last 12 months the economy has shifted to a new model where digital is the dominant form. This has created the huge growth in businesses powered by networks of connection fuelled by data; but also great disruption to more established businesses and markets. As convergent technologies continue to develop at speed, the impact of this will exponentially increase with further innovations in wearables, automations, the internet of things, VR and Robotics. To address the real implications of this and the need to embrace disruptive technologies, the session will look at the needs and opportunities of new start ups; how established businesses need to counter new competition and new market dynamics; and finally look at what’s happening next…now.

Innovation and disruption are massive, brought about by the rapid pace of change driven by technology.
We now exist in a world where digitalisation and data are the dominant drivers of the economic landscape.

New business models are emerging, whose assets are no longer physical. We are witness to start-ups succeeding whose only assets are audiences. We are seeing the importance of networks of connections where connection points are people and every interaction delivers a data point.
Brands have to be continually innovating to maintain momentum and relevance. Inability to do so will result in failure.
What does the future look like for clients and brands in this digital age?

Nigel Morris explores the opportunity and the cultural shifts necessary for clients and brands to succeed.

Nigel Morris was appointed CEO of Aegis Media Americas in 2011 having held the position of CEO, Aegis Media North America from May 2009. In June 2012 Nigel was additionally appointed CEO of Aegis Media EMEA and became CEO, Dentsu Aegis Network Americas & EMEA following the acquisition by Dentsu. From 2003 until 2009, Nigel was the founder CEO of Isobar, and led its rapid expansion into the world’s leading digital services agency network. Prior to this Nigel held a range of senior positions in Carat International. He joined Aegis Media in 1992 having previously worked in fashion, corporate identity and branding consultancy. Nigel is also Chairman of the Dentsu Aegis Network Sustainability Committee and leads the future product offering and service delivery strategy for Dentsu Aegis Network.

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