Speaker: Peter Loell // Resolution Media

Peter Loell, Director and Digital Janitor at Resolution, Omnicom Mediagroup DK
Topic: Smarter Ads

Stage: ABC Startsiden
Timeslot: April 29th – 12:00

Session title: Programmatic? Problematic? Pragmatic!

session description: Est 30 min total. An introduction to how the new wold of programmatic. What is programmatic advertising actually? Why is it important to  advertisers, media owners and agencies. how does it work and where is it heading

Timeslot: April 29th – 14:00

Session title: From Marketing to Marketech

Session description: Technology in Marketing has exploded – By Jan 2015 there were more than 2000 companies offering solutions in the marketing technology space, I have met them all (well, most of them)…A lot of the solutions does not work outside powerpoint, and there are many pitfalls in getting the tech up and running. Where is technology heading? What are the drivers? What actually works? What should you be aware of? And do advertisers actually care?

Peter Loell had a shady past within broadcasting and advertising until he decided to become one of the “Math Men”. Peter now works with Resolution Media to combine data, analytics, planning and buying to face the real time advertising world. At Gulltaggen he will do two talks; one session where he introduces the new world of programmatic, how it works and where it’s heading. The other session will be on how technology in marketing as exploded, what are the drivers, what works, what should you be aware of – and do advertisers really care?

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