Speaker: Cecily Sommers // Futurist

Cecily Sommers, Futurist / Author

Timeslot: April 28th – 11:00
Stage: Main Stage

Session title: Fit for Change (How to Think and Act Like a Futurist)

Session description: Is there a fit between you and your environment? Does one change more than the other? Cecily Sommers describes how the rules of nature apply to people and businesses—that it’s survival of the fittest, not the strongest. In Fit for Change, Cecily shares how futurist thinking and practices improve your fitness for change, and keep you thriving, not just surviving.

As a professional futurist and speaker, Cecily Sommers helps people understand how emerging trends, markets, and technologies are reshaping our world. “It is a time for reinvention at every level,” she says, “as we shift to new models in business, and new expressions in our personal lives.”

Cecily is the author of Think Like a Futurist: Know What Changes, What Doesn’t, and What’s Next, named “Most Significant Futures Work in Methods and Practice” and listed on “Top 25: What Corporate America is Reading.”  She is currently working on The Art of Reinvention: Knowing What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do.

An unorthodox background in medicine and dance, combined with her experience in brand strategy and product development brings unique vision and creativity into Cecily’s work as a Foresight and Innovation Consultant. Clients including Accenture, American Express, Best Buy, General Mills, Health Partners, Kraft Foods, Nestle Purina, Target, Wrigley, Yahoo! are among those who turn to Cecily for innovation projects that have an eye on the future, yet are built for the fast pace of business today.

Cecily blogs for the Huffington Post and is a frequent contributor to NPR’s “All Things Considered” and other media outlets. Cecily is honored to be named by the Business Journal as one of twentyfive “Women to Watch,” and one of Fast Company’s “Fast 50 Reader Favorites.” She is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists and on the Advisory Board for the University of Houston’s Foresight Program.  


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