Speaker: Torgrim Torstveit and Tom Aukrust // Norsentio

Torgrim Torstveit, COO and Tom Aukrust, CTO at Norsentio
Topic: Mobile

Timeslot: April 29th – 11:00
Stage: Webtraffic

Session title: Disrupting Business Models Leveraging the Mobile Customer Experience

Session description: Norsentio will present its position as innovation partner in the area of mobile communication and personalized mobile market communication. We will learn about experiences leveraging beacon technology in a customer project increasing the conversion rates and number of walk-in customers. There will also be a sneak peak into what the future has in store for us utilizing mobile technologies in one-to-one customer communication.

Torgrim Torstveit is a seasoned Business and Telecom architect who has made it his trademark to put the customer experience at centre of everything he embarks on. He always follows his projects well across the finish line. 

Tom Aukrust is a seasoned IT-architect that has built up several omni-channel platforms for different segments. Tom loves discussing and identifying the business opportunities that are found within the known and unknown technologies in today´s smartphones.

Torgrim and Tom are both among the co-founders of Norsentio, a start up company born in the summer of 2014 who sees it as its mission to challenge existing business models and industries through leveraging deep insight in the mobile technology and its possibilities across several industries.     

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