Workshop: Programming from Scratch


Hosted by: Tjerand Silde, Nora Tessem & Henrik Hortemo, Lær Kidsa Kode

April 28th
14:00 – Stage ABC Startsiden
15:00 – Stage ABC Startsiden
16:00 – Stage INMA

April 29th
11:00 – Stage ABC Startsiden
13:00 – Stage ABC Startisden

The workshop lasts for 45 minutes. Limited seating, 30 pax maximum.

Lær Kidsa Koding! (Teach Kids Code) is a voluntary movement that works to ensure that children and young people must learn to understand and master their own role in the digital society. We will help the youth to not only be users but also creators of technology. In addition to increasing the public understanding of information technology, we want to contribute to the recruitment of IT professions and science. Check out

Scratch is a programming language that is designed to be easy to learn. It is the best tool to or children and beginners to learn the basic concepts of programming. Scratch is used in education at all levels, from primary school to the university. Scratch is an open and non-commercial software from MIT University in the US, and is translated into including Norwegian and many other languages. Check out

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