Speaker / Interviewer: Jan Ove Kjøndal // Agens

Jan Ove Kjøndal, Head of Mobile Agens

Timeslot: April 29th – 11:00
Stage: Webtraffic

Session title: App Strategy 101 – Building Great Stuff With Real Value

Session description: The future’s all about small screens – and how you can tap into the ever-growing potential that lies on mobile. Jan Ove shares some thoughts regarding how you can optimize your mobile strategy to meet user expectations and grab more market share along the way.

Jan Ove Kjøndal is co-founder of Agens, Norway’s biggest mobile user experience company where he currently serves as Head of Mobile.

Having supervised and designed several multi-award winning mobile applications for prominent brands since 2008, Jan Ove is a passionate advocate for big impact on small screens. He also leads the Norwegian INMA Mobile Insight group, he’s a true Ableton Live geek and works as a TV journalist in his spare time.


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