Speaker: Alisée de Tonnac // CEO, Seedstars World


Alisée de Tonnac
Expert on innovation and tech in emerging markets
CEO, Seedstars World

Alisée de Tonnac is co-founder and CEO of Seedstars World, an organisation that runs an international competition focused on emerging markets to promote entrepreneurship and investment in start-ups throughout the world.

Alisée has been traveling around the world since she can remember, from Singapore to Italy, California to France and Switzerland. She started her career as a product manager for luxury brands at L’Oréal Group, before joining the Italian team at Voyage Privé, a leading European start-up.

In 2013, she discovered her entrepreneurial spirit and took off for a one-year world tour to set up the first edition of Seedstars World, or – as she calls it – ‘The Start-up Olympics’. Alisée wanted to focus on fast-growing markets and emerging start-up scenes, as she saw a tremendous amount of untapped potential and global opportunities. The company now provides a platform for cross-border networks and knowledge-sharing in over 50 countries.

Alisée was a member of the Harvard Model Congress Europe, where she won the Award of Excellence. She is a WIRED2015 Innovation Fellow for her inspiring work in developing start-ups around the world.