Gulltaggen focuses on innovation within the digital industry. We aim to bring inspiration from markets outside Norway. We strive to find extraordinary contributions based on teams, markets, or individual persons that can highlight our way towards the future.

On Day One (April 8th) we focus on innovation in the context of Technology & Creativity. We will present cases and persons from the advertising industry, and we will present new technology and ways to apply them and thoughts about how the future will adapt to these new possibilities.

On Day Two (April 9th) we focus on innovation in the context of Business Strategy and Leadership. We will present persons that represent outstanding environments and companies in the forefront. What are you to expect from the future? How should you position your company and how can you lead and motivate in this very rapidly changing business world?


The agenda is subject to change


Gulltaggen Awards is held on April 9th. The celebration consists of Gulltaggen Award Show, Gala Dinner and the After Dark Party. Gulltaggen Awards aims to inspire the industry to create digital solutions that solve communication tasks in an innovative way – a way that create results and pride, nationally as well as internationally. The Award Show is conducted in Norwegian.


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Gulltaggen takes great pride in having a very high standard of international speakers. Previous conferences have included names like:

Sir Richard Branson – Jim Messina – Guy Kawasaki – Harper Reed – Alex Bogusky – Kristin Skogen Lund – Matias Palm Jensen -Toby Barnes – Chris Anderson – Kevin Kelly – Mike Walsh – Jonathan Harris – Joshua Davis – Gary Vaynerchuk – Avinash Kaushik – Mari Smith – Ajaz Ahmed – Chris Brogan – Luke Williams – Alex Bogusky – Charlie Todd – Jack Mayers – Ji Lee – Steve Ballmer (online) – Anna Bager – David Shing –