Topics for Gulltaggen 2015:

Gulltaggen is about technology, ideas and strategy. This is always related to innovation and inspiration about how we move forward into the future of digital marketing and communication.

This year we have tried to establish some specific topics where we connect the speakers and presentations, to make it easier for participants to better understand the agenda:

Internet of Things

How are we affected when more and more devices – things – are getting connected through the Internet? What new possibilities arrives from this? Within this theme there might be more strategic presentations like what you will see from David Rowan, to more specific presentations that show us specific examples of sensors and apps that are connected to gaing a higher purpose or value. Could this be of relevance for the future of health care?
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Smarter Ads

This theme can include everything from programmatic buying to new channels, but will most surely be focusing on more real-time, more targeting, more dynamic and automated advertising.
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Stop the press

This theme will focus on the media transition all modern countries are experiencing within their media industry. We are in the middle of a media transformation – from analog to digital, and from static to dynamic and personalised.
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CEOs about the future

We have invited a number of Nordic CEOs from different companies and industries. They will answer the same question in their presentation. Our intention is to give you a view about how top managment relates to the future, and we think that if you attend more than one of these presentations, you will be able to see how views are different. The future is uncertain, but we have invited some people who have the power to influence it.
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Mobile is something that is very important, at least in the near future. Thus, we have decided to include a number of presentations in this years event that specifically focus on mobile.
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