When is Gulltaggen?

The next Gulltaggen will take place on April 28 and 29 of April 2015.

Where is Gulltaggen?

The next Gulltaggen will be at Colosseu Cinema in Oslo, Norway. The address is: Oslo Kino, Fridtjof Nansens vei 6, 0369 Oslo.

What is Gulltaggen?

Gulltaggen is the largest conference in Norway about digital communication, and is an annual event. In 2015 it will be the 17th Gulltaggen.

Why should i go to Gulltaggen?

Gulltaggen is the place to be and to be seen, if you are part of the digital community in Norway. With more than 1.000 participants this is the place to be. At Gulltaggen you can experience speakers like no other conference in the Nordics. You can mingle with the people who matters, and you can arrange business meetings. You know where the descicion makers will be these days – @ Gulltaggen.

What does it cost to attend Gulltaggen?

The ticket prices depends. What kind of ticket do you want, and if you are a member of INMA. INMA is the Industry organisation that owns the conference, the award and the Gulltaggen brand.
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How do I get to speak at Gulltaggen?

Basically, you don’t, but you can suggest speakers to us via email: info@www.gulltaggen.no

How do I suggest a speaker to Gulltaggen?

You can suggest speakers to us via email: info@www.gulltaggen.no

How do I buy tickets?

You register your name through our web form on this website. Afterwards you receive an invoice.
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How do I become a sponsor at Gulltaggen?

Contact kenneth@inma.no for sponsor inquiries. The starting price is 100.000 NOK.

Where should i stay (hotel), while I attend Gulltaggen?

We are working on getting participants discount on various hotels.
Take a look at our hotel reccommendations here.

What kind of people attend Gulltaggen?

Professionals that do marketing and communication through digital channels is the target group. In our statistics we se that publishers represent roughly about 30% of the participants. advertisers about 20%, and then an even spread of marketeers, communicators, media agencies, ad agencies with 10% each. And then we have 10% that is difficult to fit into one common box.

What’s the dress code at Gulltaggen?

Casual/Nice. You wear what you feel most comfotable in, while socializing with your peers. The same dress code you have at work.

What is Gulltaggen Awards?

Gulltaggen Awards is the competition within the Indistry. Who is the best? We present the winners of our Industry’s best work. Including best campaigns, best design, best student work and Gulltaggen’s honorarly award. It’s the Oscar’s of the digital industry in the Nordics.

Can I cancel my ticket?
Are there any deadlines i should remember?

It depends, but there are several deadlines to be aware of…

Ticket deadlines:
  • Early bird tickets must be ordered before December 19, and is only valid for INMA-members.
  • The international offer can be ordered in the period January-March 2015
  • Tickets with the special sponsor discount must be ordered before March 15.
  • Tickets with group discount must be ordered before March 27.

For more information about group discounts or the international offer, please contact kenneth@inma.no